The press enterprise endorsement
Michael Kennedy

Lara understands how to obtain Justice.

Michael Kennedy
Attorney at Law (“Captain Motion”)

Justice Sutherland taught, and Lara Gressley lives the standard and would as DA, “The [prosecutor in this Republic] is the representative not of an ordinary party to a controversy, but of a sovereignty whose obligation to govern impartially is as compelling as its obligation to govern at all; and whose interest, therefore, in a criminal prosecution is not that it shall win a case, but that justice shall be done. As such, he is in a peculiar and very definite sense the servant of the law, the twofold aim of which is that guilt shall not escape or innocence suffer. He may prosecute with earnestness and vigor — indeed, he should do so. But, while he may strike hard blows, he is not at liberty to strike foul ones. It is as much his duty to refrain from improper methods calculated to produce a wrongful conviction as it is to use every legitimate means to bring about a just one.” Berger v. United States (1935) 295 U.S. 78, 88. Other candidates brag about or make promises about convicting people – none have noted that their overriding duty as a prosecutor is Justice, regardless of conviction. Lara understands.

Lara, I’ve known you for quite a few years. As a prosecutor, sitting across the table from you, working out settlements, I always found you to be a person of utmost integrity. You zealously defended your clients without resorting to tricks or half truths. It was always a pleasure to conference cases with you because I knew I could take you at your word.

Bill Gale

Lara is honest and trustworthy.

Bill Gale
Retired San Bernardino County Prosecutor

Donal Bartell

Donald Bartell
Attorney at Law

Courageous, smart, experienced, truly dedicated to justice and absolutely ethical. Lara Gressley will make a great District Attorney. That’s why I wholeheartedly endorse her. 

I’m proud to endorse Lara Gressley for Riverside County District Attorney. One size does not fit all! And Lara understands that, and will ensure equal justice for all. She sees the big picture and understands that restorative justice practices benefit the entire community. We should all demand better from a District Attorney. Lara Gressley will bring BETTER to Riverside County!

Robert Garcia

Robert Garcia
Member, Board of Education Jurupa Unified School District